Ice skating in Christchurch had its beginnings at the Centaurus Road ice rink in Cashmere. Fondly remembered for its undulating ice surface, the Centaurus rink, home to many of today's "Alpine Ice Coffee Clubbers", was closed in 1983 and replaced by the modern and international sized ice surface, The Big Apple.

This "new rink", built on the present Brougham Street site, was bought by a company which included the current owner Gerry Austin.

Alpine Ice has been operating in Christchurch since April 1985 and has a loyal following; not only of ice sports enthusiasts but also staff; some of whom have been employed since Alpine Ice was formed.  In fact, generations of families have skated and worked together at Alpine Ice!

Alpine Ice even features in creating new relationships, engagements and weddings and now proudly plays 'second home' to a third generation of little 'rink rats'.

The road has at times been slippery and Alpine Ice has demonstrated its commitment to its customers and staff by persevering in the face of adversity. During 'the big snow' of August 1992, the roof at Alpine Ice collapsed, leaving Christchurch without an ice facility for 9 months. It reopened in May 1993 after the new structure was built.

Alpine Ice is regularly maintained and the interior upgraded to keep it looking modern and fresh for each generation of new skaters who join the Alpine Ice family. In December 2009 the "All New Alpine Ice" was launched following the complete replacement of the ice floor and upgrades to the interior and exterior of the building.





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